Taverna The Garden

City: Olympia, Greece

Address: 1 Drouva

Date: July 26 and 27, 2013

Meal: Dinner

Tales from my travels: We drove endlessly through the winding roads on our way to Olympia. Tired of being in the car, I wanted to arrive at the hotel already. I asked my dad what hotel we were staying in and he said Best Western. “Best Western? Best Western?!” I thought in disgust. I could not be more wrong. I think out of all the hotels we stayed in while traveling around Greece this one was, surprisingly, the best. Great service, good rooms and…AMAZING FOOD! Their restaurant is family-run; a 13-year-old boy served our dinner one night and was really professional in everything he did, including showing my dad the wine he was about to serve him. Everything is homemade and they use vegetables from their own garden. You eat outside in the garden beneath olive trees with a beautiful view of the countryside (don’t miss the sunset!). Both nights they gave us an appetizer on the house. I had a Greek salad the first night and grilled chicken with rice on the second. I also tried their panacotta the last night. If you happen to stay at this hotel, their breakfast is also great with an enormous variety of homemade breads, pastries and jams. I highly recommend this taverna and hotel.

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