Moab Brewery

City: Moab, Utah

Address: 686 S Main Street

Date: July 12, 2015

Meal: Dinner

Tales from my travels: We arrived relatively late to Moab. The burning question on our minds was if we were going to be able to eat. Being in Utah, who knew how many restaurants were going to be open on a Sunday? Surprisingly though Moab is a tourist hub. Therefore there is more than one restaurant open on Sunday and yes, most if not all restaurants serve alcohol. The hotel receptionist wasn’t sure how many restaurants were open but knew that the Moab Brewery definitely was. It’s Moab’s largest restaurant as well as a microbrewery. They have vegetarian and gluten free options; I had the vegetarian chili which was really good. Surprisingly, they make their own gelato; unfortunately none of us tried it but I’m sure it was really good. You also get a discount on your gelato if you eat at the restaurant beforehand.

WebsiteMoab Brewery


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