City: Moab, Utah

Address: 353 N Main St

Date: July 13, 2015

Meal: Lunch

Tales from my travels: The thing about the national parks around Moab is that they have no restaurants on site. In the morning of the thirteenth, we headed over to Arches to the visitor center where they told us we had to buy lunch in Moab. We headed back out and I found this café on the Moab menu guide. It was a cute little place covered with plants. Inside everyone was a bit hippy-ish. On the counter they showed off their enormous scones and muffins, their thick cookies and their pies. I ordered the hummus veggie wrap with a side of fruit; the wrap was enormous but good and it’s not that bad with all the walking you’ll be doing in the park. They have all kinds of wraps, sandwiches and quiches. It would be a nice place to have breakfast or brunch too. They are vegetarian- and vegan-friendly. Be aware that they close at 2:30 PM. Sorry, no website!


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