Ta Chalkina

City: Chania, Greece

Address: 29-30 Akti Tompazi St

Date: July 31, 2013

Meal: Lunch

Tales from my travels: Another day in the wondrous island of Crete. We drove down to the magical, charming city and port of Chania. Though definitely a tourist trap, it is a must-see in visiting Crete. We walked through the narrow cobbled streets, entering artisan shops and walking along the old Venetian port. We were originally going to go to another restaurant for lunch that was not in the hub of tourism but it was closed so we returned to the harbor. We chose this restaurant, originally and old mansion, and sat outside on the patio, overlooking the harbor with docked boats. They serve Cretan fare made with local produce and at night have live traditional music. I ordered the Potato with Spinach and Milk Curd, which was delicious but I must admit I was also tempted by the Dolmadakia. We also tried the dessert: traditional pies from Sfakia with mizithra cheese and honey (apparently loved by Bill Gates).

WebsiteTa Chalkina

Photograph taken by Agustín Carlos Diz


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