City: Santa Barbara, California

Address: 209 E Canon Perdido

Date: July 20, 2015

Meal: Lunch

Tales from my travels: And so we arrived to the charming city of Santa Barbara. It was nothing like what I expected it to be. There was definitely a strong European influence and yet not European; it was unique in its own, indescribable way. I chose this restaurant, which boasted Lebanese cuisine. We were not disappointed. The service was great and very amicable. We sat outside in their patio; I imagine it’s a great place to have dinner as each table has a pile of stones in the middle that is lit with fire at night. They have great vegetarian and some vegan options; it was hard for me to choose but I ended up having a Falafel Wrap with a side of Fattoush Salad. We asked our server what the name of the restaurant meant but he said he didn’t know and he wanted to ask his friend who was Lebanese. I searched it and apparently it means “olive.”


Photograph taken by Agustín Carlos Diz


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