Herbs’ Garden

City: Heraklion, Greece

Address: 15 Epimenidou St

Date: August 1, 2013

Meal: Dinner

Tales from my travels: We spend a lovely day visiting the ancient port of Heraklion and later walked to the Archaeological Museum downtown. We later drove out of the city to visit Knossos Palace. Though a great part of it has been rebuilt, it was amazing to imagine how the people must have lived back then. Most historical sites in Greece are just stone constructions whose paint has been washed away with the years. In Knossos, however, you can see the brilliant colors that decorated the cities of the ancient Greeks. We returned to Heraklion for dinner. We went to our hotel’s (Lato Boutique Hotel) restaurant that had been closed the previous night. The hotel actually has three restaurants (“Brilliant,” “Herbs’ Garden” and “Aroma”). Herbs’ Garden is located up on the rooftop of the hotel, overlooking the city and Venetian harbor and fortress. The service was great and the contemporary Cretan cuisine was beautifully presented on our plates. The produce comes form local farmers. They do have some great vegetarian options. Though I wasn’t vegetarian back then, I had the Moussaka with baked eggplant and tomato, topped with nutmeg-flavored yoghurt-béchamel (vegetarian moussaka). It was a wonderful restaurant in every way and one of our favorites from the entire trip.

WebsiteHerbs’ Garden

Photograph taken by Agustín Carlos Diz


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