Lotza Restaurant

City: Oia, Greece

Address: Nomikou pedestrian

Date: August 3, 2013

Meal: Lunch

Tales from my travels: I pressed my nose against the the ferry’s window, impatiently waiting to arrive to Santorini, the place I had been dreaming about for so long. Once we got off, we found a driver to take us to downtown Oia. His nickname was “Canada” and he made great suggestions of things to do and was overall very friendly. We arrived at the center plaza where we had to find someone to take our luggage. My parents and I were surprised but there was no way around it. Finally a man came up to us and lifted our two large (and heavy) suitcases and lead us through the winding, narrow cobbled streets of Santorini. The heat and the commotion of people was almost unbearable. Once we left our things at the hotel (comprised of apartments made inside the holes left by lava), we set off to explore. We found Lotza on our way and decided to sit for lunch. This place has a spectacular, breathtaking view of Oia. You can see the little white houses with their blue roofs and the famous Caldera. I am almost sure that all the typical photos of Santorini are taken from around here. Our server was very nice and helpful and the food (I ordered zucchini pie), though definitely reheated, was good. It is well worth the stop to enjoy the beauty of the picturesque island.



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