Restaurant-Bar 1800

City: Oia, Greece

Address: Central pedestrian street

Date: August 3, 2013

Meal: Dinner

Tales from my travels: We spent a magnificent, relaxing day, walking around the city, stopping at the artisan shops and enjoying the magnificent views. If there’s one bad thing about Santorini it’s the people. It has become such a popular tourist attraction that it is sometimes quite frustrating. This proved especially true as the sunset approached. Every single tourist started crowding around the far end of Oia to watch the red sun sink into the sea. Nonetheless, it was very beautiful. Later we went to dinner at a highly recommended restaurant: 1800. The award-winning restaurant is found in an 1845 mansion. Originally the house of Captain Ioannis Sarris, it has been restored but still has the original furniture. They take pride in their excellent service and exquisite contemporary cuisine. We had a lovely evening dining on the roof garden, surrounded by flowers and looking out onto the Caldera and volcano. The exceptional food was artistically presented to us and was aesthetically as well as gustatorily pleasing. The chef takes great care in presenting original and beautifully designed entrées. I ordered the Croaker with Fennel Seed Crust. Though on the pricey side, I can’t stress enough how wonderfully magical this place was. As food in general was quite cheap in Greece, my father allowed this indulgence.

WebsiteRestaurant-Bar 1800

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