City: Oia, Greece

Address: Central pedestrian street

Date: August 4, 2013

Meal: Dinner

Tales from my travels: We finished our tour of Santorini by visiting the amazing archaeological site of Akrotiri, which was a Minoan settlement of the Bronze Age. The city was destroyed by the eruption of the volcano. The ash, like in Italy’s Pompeii, covered the city and preserved it; unlike Pompeii, however, the citizens had already evacuated the city at the time of the eruption. Akrotiri shows the amazing technological advancements (like a toilet with a U-bend) of the Minoans that were later lost for many centuries. The site is well worth a visit. We later climbed down to the nearby Red Beach. Unfortunately, the beach is quite popular and, therefore, crowded and the sand is pebbly. Nonetheless, the view is stunning and the bright, contrasting colors of the red sand and turquoise water makes it worthwhile. Hungry after a long, hot day going around Santorini, we returned to Oia for dinner. There was one place I desperately wanted to try out: Melenio. Every time we walked down the main street we passed this restaurant, I mouth watered at the sight of the stunning cakes displayed behind a glass window and I resolved to eat some cake here before we left. We sat outside in the patio, which has a great view of the Caldera, and scanned through the menu. Of course, you must eat your veggies before your dessert. I ordered the vegetable and cheese tart. Finally, it was time for cake! I went to the lower floor to look at the amazing display of cakes. It was a VERY difficult choice but I finally settled for piece of the blueberry cake. Delicious! What a great way to bid farewell to the lovely island of Santorini.

Pottery in Akrotiri
Melenio Red Beach II
The Climb Down to the Red Beach

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