City: Athens, Greece

Address: 9 Adrianou

Date: August 5, 2013

Meal: Dinner

Tales from my Travels: And so it was that we took the ferry back to Athens, our hearts heavy with the knowledge that we would soon have to leave behind the enchanting world of Greece. When we arrived and had dropped our baggage off at the hotel, it was still early so we decided to walk around the city for a little while, enjoying the pleasant breeze and cooler weather. Slowly, the waiters started accosting us as we passed the multiple restaurants on the pedestrian street. We finally decided for Iridanos, a restaurant that was set right next to an archaeological site and which had a great view of the lit Acropolis. We sat outside on and, as we waited for our food, we observed how a train track had been built over the ruins of ancient Athens. We were a bit incredulous but then how else is the city supposed to expand and develop? Our food was finally brought out. The menu consisted of typical Greek food; I chose to go for some delicious stuffed peppers.

Photograph taken by Agustín Carlos Diz


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