Piazza Duomo

City: Athens, Greece

Address: Mitropoleos 52

Date: August 6, 2016

Meal: Lunch

Tales from my Travels: And so our last day in Greece dawned. As a farewell, we decided to visit the Agora. Located below the Parthenon’s hill, the Agora gives you a more great insight into the lives of the ancient Greeks. Possibly the two highlights of the site are Hephaestus’ temple and the Altar of the Twelve Gods, which was the zero point from which distances were measured. Finally, it was lunch time. We headed back in the direction of our hotel and settled on a restaurant that was just around the corner, right across from the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens. The menu is pretty varied and included traditional Greek fare as well other options; it will please anyone. I had a juicy chicken fillet with rice (I was not yet vegetarian). Our trip to Greece was simply magical and all the dreams of a nine-year-old girl came true. In fact, it was even better than she could have possibly imagined. I hope to one day return.

Website: (Facebook page) Piazza Duomo

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