City: Southaven, MS

Address: 1020 W Panola St

Date: August 2, 2016

Meal: Dinner

Tales from my Travels: This year, instead of doing a road trip west, we headed east. After an EXTREMELY, long day of driving (we passed through four states!) we finally arrived at Southaven, Mississippi, next to Memphis, Tennessee. We were exhausted and needed to get some dinner before everything shut down. I found a burger place called Huey’s (it apparently has several locations in the area). It was founded in 1970 by Alan Gary and Thomas Boggs later revolutionized the place. The menu tells the whole interesting story of the restaurant, including the emphasis it puts on giving back and community service. The menu offers all sorts of appetizers as well as fish, sandwiches, American classics, soups and salads. But what you really come to Huey’s for is a burger. There are several burger options and the patties are homemade. You can also choose a turkey burger instead or a veggie or black bean burger. My parents had beef burgers and I had a veggie burger while we shared a basket of waffle sweet potato fries (the burgers do not include a side). And how could we possibly forget dessert? All the desserts are homemade. I wanted to order the lemon icebox pie (see my recipe here) but my mom feared it would have artificial flavoring and wanted the brownie à la mode instead; I won in the end. My mom took the first bite of the pie and I think she nearly fainted with how good it was. The lemon was definitely not artificial and the pie was sooooo good. So, I have emphasized the good, homemade food. I must also say that the place was very homey and the service was good. The walls are full of graffiti and the ceiling is full of frill picks. Feel free to leave a message on the wall and/or shoot a frill pick (instructions on the menu) as well.


Huey's II


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