Maggiano’s Little Italy

City: Nashville, TN

Address: 3106 West End Ave

Date: August 3, 2016

Meal: Dinner

Tales from my Travels: In the morning, we headed over to Memphis, Tennessee. I wanted to go visit Graceland. I loved the experience and learned a lot about Elvis. The house from outside is not that ostentatious though the grounds are extensive. Once inside, however, the décor is quite gaudy. The audio tour, now done with an iPad, really emphasized is generous, giving nature and also included input from Lisa Marie Presley, his daughter. I loved the visit and recommend it; there are several tour options, some more expensive than others. We  were originally going to have lunch at the site but decided to go downtown to Hard Rock Café so I could add another pin to my collection (I will not include an entry on Hard Rock). We finally set off for Nashville though we had a delay due to a punctured tire. Once in Nashville, we had dinner at Magliano’s Little Italy that offers fabulous Italian food. Though it is apparently a chain restaurant started in Chicago, it sure does not feel like it. Everything is homemade and absolutely delicious. The restaurant in Nashville is located in an elegant building that looks like it may possibly be from the 19th century. Once we sat down, they brought out warm freshly baked bread and soon afterwards they brought us a free appetizer, fried zucchini, that was just excellent. I had the mushroom ravioli but I ordered it with marinara sauce (possibly the best marinara sauce I ever had) while my dad had the cheese ravioli and my mom the chicken caprese. If you order a pasta plate, you can order another one to take home and it is included in the price; unfortunately, since we were leaving the next day and did not have a refrigerator, my dad and I did not order a second plate of pasta. Unlike most American restaurants, the plates are not excessively large, which is good in my opinion. You also have the option of ordering a family meal. We did not have room to try any of the desserts but I saw other tables order some and they looked fantastic. Keep that in mind to save some room! This restaurant is definitely vegetarian-friendly and they also have gluten free options.

WebsiteMaggiano’s Little Italy

Maggiano's, tumba

Maggiano's, Memphis
Memphis, TN

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