J&J’s Grill on the Green

City: Burnsville, NC

Address: 11510 NC-80

Date: August 8, 2016

Meal: Dinner

Tales from my Travels: After our treats and gelato at Maples, we drove back to the house where we relaxed for a few hours. My sister’s boyfriend wanted to have dinner at J&J’s Grill, the community restaurant found write by the golf course. Therefore, we decided to have dinner there and then set off for Mount Mitchell to watch the sunset from the peak. We sat outside where we had a beautiful view of the mountains and the golf course. The waiter was very polite and attentive. Everyone besides me ordered the rainbow trout, the house’s specialty. Each entrée includes a house salad, vegetable of the day and a choice of spaetzle, German fries or a baked potato. The menu offers a lot of Bavarian food such as bratwurst and Weiner schnitzel as well as staples of the French cuisine. They also have some burgers and a chicken sandwich and appetizers, which include a French onion soup.This is obviously NOT a vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Luckily, however, they made no fuss about my ordering a grilled cheese off the kid’s menu. If you are not vegetarian, however, the food is very good (according to my family) and homemade. I can attest for the salad dressings, nonetheless, all of which are also homemade. I had the balsamic which had just the right hint of sweetness; the best balsamic I ever had. I hope you can enjoy more than just a salad and grilled cheese!

WebsiteJ&J’s Grill on the Green

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