Well-Bred Bakery & Café

City: Asheville, NC

Address: 6 Boston Way

Date: August 6, 2016

Meal: Lunch

Tales from my Travels: The day before we had stayed around Burnsville where we had  rented a house in the mountains for a week. This day we decided to do something a little different. We started off in the late morning and made our way to Asheville, a quaint little city about an hour away. My sister’s boyfriend originally wanted to have lunch at Corner Kitchen but there was a large line of people waiting outside so we decided against that. Instead, we choose Well-Bred that was located just across the street. It was also surprisingly full but we were able to order our food pretty quickly and find a table. The food was fantastic. They do have some vegetarian options as well as some items marked as vegan and/or gluten free. We all loved the sandwiches we ordered, all made with home-baked bread. I had the “Grilled Cheese on Aunt Nina’s Challah,” which was probably the best grilled cheese sandwich I ever had. We also bought some cookies, one of which was free because of the amount of money we had spent. I tend to not like other people’s chocolate chip cookies (sounds horrible, I know) but these were actually pretty good, though ENORMOUS! They had a great assortment of other baked goods if you are not a fan of cookies. I highly recommend it (you know how much I love café’s and sandwich shops!).

WebsiteWell-Bred Bakery & Café



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