CupSide Down Café

City: Orangeburg, SC

Address: 950 Chestnut St

Date: August 12, 2016

Meal: Lunch

Tales from my Travels: The day before we visited Roaring Fork Falls, some waterfalls the were near the house we were leasing. In the late afternoon we drove to Charlotte since the following day  we would drop off my sister at the airport so she could return to New York. Once we had accompanied her to the airport, my parents and I set off for St. Augustine. Along the way we stopped at CupSide Down Café for lunch. The restaurant is located in a store that also sells produce and other local goods as well as antiques (my mom fell in love with a little vanity and bought it). CupSide down is family-owned and -operated. Everything is homemade and they use local produce.I had a bit of hard time choosing because there were several great vegetarian options. In the end, I had the Garden Wrap. My dad had the Roma Panini and my mom the Mona Lisa Panini. We definitely enjoyed all our food. Each sandwich and wrap comes with a choice of side (pita chips and hummus, side salad, fruit  or soup). They also make quiches. We were all tempted by dessert. They offer smoothies as well as cakes and cookies, all of which are displayed to make your mouth water. We asked the waitress what cakes they had that day and at the mention of peach cobbler all three of us pricked our ears with excitement. It was delicious! What was interesting was that the top was neither biscuits nor the typical crumble. It was made with oats that gave it a special taste. Definitely save room for dessert here!

WebsiteCupSide Down Café

CupSide Down Café, peach cobbler
Peach Cobbler

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