Jerusalem Garden Café

City: Asheville, NC

Address: 78 Patton Ave

Date: August 9, 2016

Meal: Dinner

Tales from my Travels: My dad wanted to go back to some places my family had visited about 23 years ago (before I was born). We drove down to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park where we found out that Cades Cove, one of the places he wanted to see again, was another 2-hour’s drive away; we did not and could not go that far away that same day. We were able to see, however, the other place, Clingman’s Dome. We later drove to some other falls; we followed the wrong path and hiked about 50 minutes without seeing any waterfalls, unfortunately. We had to make it back to Asheville for our dinner reservation and couldn’t waste any more time. I had made reservations that very morning for Jerusalem Garden Café, a Mediterranean restaurant, since I didn’t want to risk it being full again (see Red Ginger Dimsum and Tapas). We were received with a warm welcome and were led to a back room with fabric-covered walls. We had a bit of a hard time choosing but in the end the food was simply spectacular. Both my mom and my sister ordered a moussaka and my dad the roasted lamb, both of which came with a saffron rice and some seasonal vegetables. I ordered a falafel wrap, which came with a tabbouleh salad and a tahini salad. Everything is homemade. It was been family-owned and family-run for over twenty years. According to our waitress, the owner, a Lebanese, and his wife, a Syrian, are the best people she’s ever met and they have been working with the same chefs since the opened the restaurant. That says a lot about them. The restaurant is definitely vegetarian- and vegan-friendly. The waitress told me to let her know if I had any questions about vegetarian/vegan options. Again, the food was exquisite; I can’t emphasize it enough. The service was great and everyone very friendly. I recommend make reservations.

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Jerusalem Garden Café, Smokies
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Jerusalem Garden Café, plato
Falafel Wrap

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