The Bunnery Bakery & Café

City: St. Augustine, Fl

Address: 121 St. George St

Date: August 13, 2015

Meal: Lunch

Tales from my Travels: We took it easy in the morning. We walked down from the hotel to the beach to enjoy the salty sea air, the soft white sand and the lovely sunny weather. We later returned to the hotel room to take a shower and change and later went downtown. We decided to have an impromptu lunch and just walk down the Colonial Quarter to find any restaurant that we liked. The Bunnery sounded and looked interesting and I liked the double entendre of the name. It has been family-owned and -run since 1989. Everything is made from scratch and everything is made to order. The restaurant was charming in its decoration and the displayed baked goods were mouth-watering. Both my mom and I had the delicious Feta-Walnut salad that came with an Oat Roll. My dad had a Caprese panini. My parents later had a coffee and shared a blueberry crumble bar (I wanted to have an ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s, which is just across the pedestrian street). We all thoroughly enjoyed our food. Though they mostly serve salads and sandwiches, they also have Mac and Cheese, Chicken and Biscuit Pot Pie and a Soup of the Day. They also serve breakfast.

WebsiteThe Bunnery Bakery & Café


The Bunnery, panini
The Caprese Panini

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