Gelato Time

City: St. Augustine, Fl

Address: 124 St. George St

Date: August 13, 2016

Meal: Dessert

Tales from my Travels: Gelato Time is technically an extension of Pizza Time. As we sat at our table, munching away at our delicious pizza next to the gelato freezer, I started looking at the signs behind the counter and at vast amount of people coming in to order a gelato. I started reading one sign titled “Product Attributes.”The list said: 100% Natural, Less Fat Than Ice Cream, Gluten Free (With Exception of Cookies n Cream and Cookie Dough), Fresh Pasteurized Cream Free of Growth Hormones, No High-Fructose Corn Syrup Only Fine Pure Cane Sugar, Low Overrun 25% (Air) Dense Rich & Creamy, Fresh Fruit No Syrups, Flavorings or Fruit Preserves, Real Belgium Chocolates, Fleur de Sel Sea Salt…but what caught my attention was “Authentic Argentine Dulce de Leche.”I gaped at the sign, unable to believe my eyes. I mentioned it to my parents, astonished. My mom said, “Well, looks like we are going to have to try some gelato.” Though the pizza slices, as mentioned before were very generous, we couldn’t leave St. Augustine without trying this gelato, especially since it had REAL dulce de leche from OUR homeland. All three of us tried the Banana Dulce de Leche gelato but varied in our choice of the second flavor. I had Vanilla Bean, my mom Butter Pecan and my dad Coconut. The gelato was definitely exquisite, the best I’ve had in the U.S. The vanilla ice cream was delicious and you could really taste the vanilla bean. I could really taste the banana in the second flavor (no artificial flavors) and the dulce de leche swirls were really, truly dulce de leche, not caramel, not cajeta…dulce de leche, nothing better in the world. There was one flavor we did not try that at first I thought was just normal sea salt caramel (that’s what the label on the gelato read) but upon closer examination, my dad saw that the label on the outside of the freezer read “Argentine Sea Salt Caramel.” Therefore, we believe it was good old dulce de leche ice cream like we have back home (I never really liked it but my parents do and I’m sure any other Argentine will love it). By the time we finished our gelato, we were STUFFED. They offer waffle cones or cups but the cups only have two sizes: medium and large. Even medium was big; I cringe to think what the large is. Nonetheless it was worth it. If I have one thing to critique is that, even though the owner who we spoke to is Italian, there is an Iranian flag over the doorway that reads “Gelato Time.” I guess not many people realize it’s not the Italian flag. Oh well…Don’t you dare go by St. Augustine without stopping by this restaurant for some gelato!

Gelato Time, cartel

Gelato Time, bandera
Iranian flag?
Gelato Time, helado
Vanilla Bean and Banana Dulce de Leche Gelato



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