Liza’s Kitchen

City: Panama City, Fl

Address: 7328 Thomas Dr

Date: August 15, 2016

Meal: Lunch

Tales from my Travels: We arrived to Panama City late in the evening the day before. The following morning we were down at the beach at around 10:00. Though the sand was white and soft beneath our feet, the beach did not compare to that of St. Augustine. The sea was spattered with brown from the algae compared to the pristine turquoise color of the St. Augustine waters. Nonetheless, it was soothing to hear the roar of the tumultuous waters as I finished reading North and South, my heart about to burst. After cleaning up and changing into fresh clothes, we drove to this little café I had found. It is a gourmet sandwich shop where everything, including the Focaccia bread and salad dressings, is homemade. In the weekends they also have a special brunch menu. They can cater events and offer cooking classes as well. They have options for everyone from their unique sandwiches (or you can create your own) to salads to the Soup of the Day. All salads are served with their homemade Focaccia. The sandwiches are also made with the Focaccia bread or you can make them a wrap or salad. My mom ordered their famous Hippie Chick sandwich (roasted chicken, goat cheese, spinach, roasted red pepper and mayo) while my dad had the Pesto Chicken Panini (chicken, bacon, pesto, provolone, onion and sriracha). Liza’s Kitchen also makes some great vegetarian sandwiches (and some vegan). I had the exceptional Portobello sandwich (you probably know all about me and my obsession with mushrooms, especially portobellos, by now). It had portobello (obviously), eggplant, red onion and goat cheese. (Can it be possible that all of my favorite things were put into one sandwich?) I must emphasize the fact that the food was AMAZING, probably one of the best sandwiches I ever had. They are pretty big and have a satisfying amount of filling; you do have the option of ordering half a sandwich with a soup or salad, you can save half for the next day or, even better, eat it all if you are exceptionally ravenous or simply want to indulge into these delicacies. All sandwiches come with a side (chips, potato salad, fruit or mixed green salad) and there is also a kid’s menu. This is a must-try if you visit Panama City!

Website: Liza’s Kitchen


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