Reata Restaurant

City: Alpine, TX

Address: 203 N 5th Street

Date: December 27, 2016

Meal: Dinner

Tales from my Travels: By the time we left our hotel in Alpine and finally arrived at Big Bend, it was nearly noon. We stopped at a Fossil Exhibit and then continued driving to a ranger station to get some more information. We made some sandwiches and had lunch before setting off again. My dad wanted to go on the Lost Mine Trails but the parking was full and one of the rangers had told us that it was not safe to park anywhere but in the designated areas. She had recommended the Window Trail in the case that we would not be able to park at Lost Mines. The parking was, of course, completely full. The Window Trail was pleasant nonetheless. Though the park newspaper said it was a good trail to see fauna, I did not see much other than a few birds and some crickets getting down to business. I was somewhat disappointed but there was probably too many people on the trail for me to see animals. On the way back to Alpine, we made a reservation for Reata Restaurant (we had learned our lesson the day before about not making reservations) and made a quick stop at the Terlingua cemetery. We had a good experience at the Reata that night. The waitress was very amiable and the restaurant had a good ambience. The name apparently comes from the name of the ranch in the movie Giant; in fact, there was a big poster of said movie as well as other memorabilia. The restaurant prides itself in their made-to-order food as well as using local ingredients. It is not the most vegetarian-friendly restaurant but it does have a couple of options including the Field Greens salad I ordered that comes with slices of apple, goat cheese, pecans and a sherry wine vinaigrette. My mom and sister shared the Pan-Seared Pepper Crusted Tenderloin while my father and sister-in-law both had the Citrus Crusted Chicken and my brother the Grilled Chicken topped with Tomato Bleu Cheese Salad. Since the moment we sat down and looked at the menu, my dad said he wanted dessert because everything sounded so good. So naturally, we also ordered dessert. My mother was obviously tempted by the West Texas Pecan Pie, which also came with vanilla ice cream. I don’t like pecan pie so we also ordered the Dutch Oven Apple Crisp with Cajeta that came with cinnamon ice cream; it was to die for.

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