The Davis Creamery

City: Davis, CA

Address: 113 E St

Date: April 2, 2016

Meal: Snack

Tales from my Travels: For being such a small town, Davis has an incredibly large concentration of ice cream shops, all of them special and delicious in their own way. The first time I went to the Davis Creamery, I went with one of my closest friends who highly recommended it; since then, I have gone multiple times. A passionate lover of banana ice cream, I was surprised to find that they had banana-flavoured ice cream and I ordered that. With just the first taste, I was blown away by the pure taste of banana, no artificiality. Another flavour I have tried is Nutella. The Davis Creamery is family-owned and and run. They boast about being the only ice cream shop in Davis that makes their ice cream in-store. They have a great variety of flavours, many of them suggested by students. They also sell cupcakes, cookies and truffles.

WebsiteThe Davis Creamery

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