El Torreón

City: Buenos, Aires, Argentina

Address: Echeverría 3202

Date: June 30, 2017

Meal: Lunch

Tales from my Travels: This is a restaurant we have gone to often on our many trips back home. On this occasion specifically, my dad, brother, sister-in-law and I had just arrived that morning to Buenos Aires. Since my grandfather’s birthday had been the day before, it was suggested we all get together for a belated birthday lunch. Like many restaurants in Buenos Aires, they have a variety of options to please all palates: pasta, pizza, empanadas, crêpes, quiche, milanesas, meat dishes, salads…While we waited for our food, they brought out bread baskets filled with crusty bread, grissini and (an Argentine specialty) pizza bread. Though I was tempted by many options (ravioli, crêpes, empanadas) I was feeling a little queasy from the flight and wanted a lighter option so I chose tarta pascualina (spinach quiche) and, even if I hadn’t been feeling queasy, I made a great decision in choosing that. I had been craving Argentinean food so much! The restaurant is conveniently located next to the Belgrano R train station. Unfortunately, there is no website.

El Torreón, tartaEl Torreón, pan


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