City: Heraklion, Greece Address: 9 Epimenidou St Date: August 2, 2013 Meal: Dinner Tales from my travels: Another wonderful and final day in Crete. We first drove all the way up to Mount Ida, the highest mountain in Crete, and hiked up to Cave Idaion Antron, the supposed birthplace of Zeus. As mythology tells it, Rhea hid her son Zeus from his father Kronos in … Continue reading Veneto

Herbs’ Garden

City: Heraklion, Greece Address: 15 Epimenidou St Date: August 1, 2013 Meal: Dinner Tales from my travels: We spend a lovely day visiting the ancient port of Heraklion and later walked to the Archaeological Museum downtown. We later drove out of the city to visit Knossos Palace. Though a great part of it has been rebuilt, it was amazing to imagine how the people must have … Continue reading Herbs’ Garden