Banana Leaf

City: Milpitas, CA Address: McCarthy Ranch Market Place, 182 Ranch Dr Date: July 25, 2015 Meal: Dinner Tales from my Travels: It was a big day for me. It was the first professional football match I was attending after several years. It was an exciting one too (even though it was just part of the International Champions Cup): Barça vs. Manchester United. Even though my favorite … Continue reading Banana Leaf

Dishdash Middle Eastern Grill

City: Milpitas, CA Address: McCarthy Ranch Marketplace, 181 Ranch Dr Date: July 24, 2015 Meal: Dinner Tales from my Travels: This day was not particularly interesting. We basically drove all day to our hotel in the Santa Clara area. I was, of course, in charge of searching for a place to have dinner. I had several options but we decided for the Middle Eastern restaurant because … Continue reading Dishdash Middle Eastern Grill